We are capable and experienced to conduct the following:



◊   Develop National and Regional road safety strategies and action plans


◊   Develop Technical Manuals such as  Road Safety Audit Guidelines,

Uniform Traffic Control Devices Manual (Road Traffic Signs Manual) or

Construction Work Zone Guidelines


◊   Conduct Road Safety Audits in both urban and rural environments and

on all types of roads and interchanges, including high speed urban freeways

and viaduct insertion, retrofit revision of interchanges, 

multi-lane urban tunnels and cycle tracks


◊  Conduct different road safety studies and

provide road safety engineering  advice to  roadway design teams


◊   Conduct hazardous location analysis and develop remedial measures


◊   Conduct Road Safety Audit workshops for executives and

RSA courses for practitioners or prospective road safety auditors


◊  Prepare or review Traffic Management Plans for construction of complex multi-stage projects

and conduct Construction Work Zone workshops