Osakula was established in March 2020 by Siegfried Grosskopf, a professional engineer registered in South Africa.  Siegfried has more than 20 year's international experience in road safety strategy, policy and management studies, road safety management, road safety engineering and road traffic signage. Over the years he developed a special interest in the improvement of road safety through improved attention to human factors in designing road and traffic infrastructure and the application of Positive Guidance principles in highway design.



Siegfried is an internationally acclaimed road safety engineer co-presenting the IRF Executive Seminar on Road Safety and had been an invited speaker at international safety conferences. He is an experienced technical advisor to road authorities in the development of policies, standards and manuals such as the South African Road Safety Manual, South African Road Safety Audit Manual and the Dubai Traffic Control Devices Manual. He was a part time lecturer in highway design and road safety engineering at post graduate level and presented training courses on road safety auditing, roadside design and construction work zones.

Siegfried is proficient in conducting road safety reviews for complex projects such as dual carriageway expressway tunnels, tramway insertion in developed areas, reconfiguring highway interchanges and reformatting existing dual carriageway streets into paired one-way arterials.  Siegfried is a road safety audit team leader  with extensive experience of auditing roads and streets  in rural and urban environments.


I was extremely impressed by Siegfried's analytical and strategic capabilities in preparing our conference... I enjoyed the various brainstorming sessions with him to develop the road safety aspects of the conference. A great partner to work with.

BR, Managing Partner, Dubai, 2013

It is my pleasure to confirm that throughout the last 10 years of knowing and working with Siegfried Grosskopf, we have found him to be very professional and knowledgable. My colleagues and I in Traffic Department have found him to be comprehensively aware of all matters related to safety, engineering and strategy.

HAB, Executive Director, Dubai, 2018

Siegfried Grosskopf has been providing an exceptional level of understanding and commitment on numerous projects. His written and verbal communication skills are extremely organized...He is a dedicated professional who wins the respect of others through his hard work, integrity and desire to provide the best support available.

HM, VP/AM, Dubai, 2017