About Osakula


The idea to establish an independent road safety engineering consultancy based in South Africa but operating internationally, was born during Executive Road Safety workshops in South Africa and in places as far afield as Cairo and Buenos Aires. Delegates included senior roads department officials from countries in Southern Africa. They were all very concerned about the large number of crashes occurring in their countries and the resulting number of casualties. They were very sensitive about the socio-economic impact of crashes and the loss of the breadwinner in already impoverished societies. All were saddened by the increasing involvement of children in crashes and at a loss for not making a sustainable and positive difference to road safety on their roads.


Thus, the seeds for Osakula (which means Forever Young) were planted.

Osakula  embraces the principles of the Safe System Approach, especially applying this to the Towards Zero vision. We accept that road users  may make mistakes that lead to crashes, but that the severity of these crashes should be restricted as far as possible.   In our drive towards Safer Roads and Roadsides we recognise and adopt the principles of  self explanatory roads and forgiving roads and roadsides in policy and in application. We maintain that adopting the principle of survivable speeds reduces the severity of crashes. We understand the role that the road authority plays in setting appropriate policies encouraging the designer towards adapting the design, implementation and operation of a road to reduce the risk of  severe crashes. We support the infusion of safe speeds and human factors in the design and operation of any transportation project, rather than reactively being added as an afterthought.     

In Osakula we believe that sustainable road safety engineering requires

a Whole Life Cycle commitment based on four functional cornerstones - 

◊  Road Safety Leadership, Strategy and Standardized Procedures

◊  Evidence based Road Safety Management

◊  Road Safety Engineering Planning, Design and Implementation

◊  Operations and Maintenance